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Moo-vellous smiles and cuddles all round with Elpasacodore Mini Moos!

I recently went to a lovely farm near Dimbulah and had a fantastic time visiting the very cute Elpasacodore Mini Moos there.

Dimbulah is on The Atherton Tablelands and it took us about 1 and a half hours to drive there from Cairns. There were 7 Mini Moos when we visited and they are getting some more soon.

This breed of mini cows are called Miniature Belted Galloways and they were first bred in Scotland. They are very cute and very calm, especially the babies who were born there, because they are used to people patting and cuddling them. They really love the attention.

I went with my mum, dad, my sister and our neighbours. We all had a really great time cuddling the Mini Moos and spent an hour with them. My favourites were Sif, Aphrodite and Rifle. We were the only people visiting the Mini Moos when we were there.

The Mini Moos have two layers of fur and we enjoyed brushing them and the Mini Moos liked it too. Their fur is very soft. You can stand up and brush them or you can even sit on the ground with them if you want to and brush them while they are relaxing.

The Mini Moos have very cute faces and I really loved their beautiful eyes. They like having their photos taken and are very happy. They are very quiet and didn't make any noise while we were there.

The Mini Moos were very soft to pat and very comfortable to hug so we all had lots of cuddles with them. They were so cute and adorable!

We also got to walk the Mini Moos around on a lead and give them some treats and they were very gentle when they ate out of my hand.

It was nice to meet Keele, who is the lady who owns the Mini Moos. Keele was very nice and friendly to me. She has trained the Mini Moos to be therapy cows and is going to take them to visit kids and other people in the community. She said she was very happy to meet me.

I really enjoyed my experience and my family and friends loved it too. I think visiting the Elpasacodore Mini Moos is an awesome thing to do and would recommend it to others.

If you want more information you can check out their Facebook page and message Keele to book a session.

Tips from my travelling companion -

Visiting the Elpasacodore Mini Moos was a great experience!

We all loved the hands on fun of spending time with the Mini Moos and Flynn really enjoyed patting and brushing them, walking them and the lovely cuddles! Flynn also had a great time having his photo taken with them. A great bonus is that you book your own session so there are no crowds or queuing, or waiting to have a turn to interact with these gorgeous animals. It was very chilled and peaceful and the Mini Moos are lovely and friendly and relaxed.

Keele was very supportive of Flynn and his needs and as she has trained her cows to be therapy animals it was a very inclusive environment.

If you are ever on The Atherton Tablelands we highly recommend visiting these gorgeous animals!

Written by Jenni (Flynn's mum)

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I visited the mini Oreo cows a few weeks ago. Like the cows, the farm is so peaceful. The Tablelands weather is gorgeous this time of the year.

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