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A wet season trip to the Din Din/Barron Falls

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

When it rains a lot it is a great time to go up to the Barron Falls because there is a lot of water coming down the waterfall.

The Barron Falls lookout is near the town of Kuranda, which is about 35 minutes drive from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. There are 3 ways to go up and to see the Barron falls. You can catch the Kuranda Scenic Railway, or go on the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or you can drive your car up the Kuranda range road and go to the Din Din Barron Falls Lookout track and walk from the carpark to the lookout point.

I really like going up and seeing the falls when it has been raining a lot and I have been there a lot of times. I really enjoy the very nice drive up the mountain to get there. On the way you drive under the Skyrail gondolas where they cross the road above you and there are very nice views of the ocean and the lovely rainforest.

When you get up the top of the mountain you drive into Kuranda and follow the signs to the Barron Falls carpark. There are lots of car parking spaces and there are nice toilets there if you need them. The walk is about 1 kilometre long and it is a very nice walkway that is very smooth and easy to walk on. You can also push a pram or go on the walkway with a wheelchair. There are a few undercover areas you can stop at and read information about the falls and you can shelter from the rain if you need to.

The Din Din Barron Falls lookout is part of the Barron Gorge National Park and the walk is called the Budaadji Canopy Walk and there is a sign that tells you about the Djabugay Aboriginal people of the area and their culture.

There are a few spots you can stop and look at the falls along the way and there are some nice sculptures of insects that live in the rainforest that I really liked.

There were so many pretty trees and vines to see in the rainforest too.

You walk over the top of the train track where the Kuranda Scenic Railway stops and when you get to the second lookout spot you are right next to the train track. I like seeing the train when it comes along the track. When the train stops a lot of people get out and look at the view but there is a very long area where people can stand so there is lots of room for everyone.

The view of the falls is really awesone and it changes because the clouds and rain keep moving across. I also really like the sound of the water flowing down. It’s very loud but not scary.

It took us about 45 minutes to do the whole walk and stop and take lots of photos. it doesn't cost anything to go to the Barron Falls and do the walk.

I wore my raincoat and took my umbrella so I didn't get too wet there. I also had a towel in the car to dry myself off when we finished the walk. I took some water and snacks to have as well. There is nothing to buy at the Barron Falls because there are any shops there but you can get food and drinks and souvenirs in the town of Kuranda which is very close by.

I really loved the walk and I think it is great place to go especially when it is raining.

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Hi Flynn. Thank you for reminding me what a great walk that is, especially when we've had lots of rain, the rivers and streams can't contain the water and it thunders down to get to the sea. I think it's time that Rob and I went up there for a look as the sculptures weren't there last time we went up there. They look very interesting. ~ Vi

Replying to

Thank you for your comment. The sculptures are very nice.

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