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Australian Outback Spectacular, Gold Coast - an accessible and fun extravaganza for all!

In December 2022 I went to the Australian Outback Spectacular on the Gold Coast to see an awesome show called Heartland. It is just near Movie WorId, Top Golf and Wet and Wild.

It was the first time I had seen the show and I went with my whole family and we all really loved it.

When we got there we went in and showed the lady our ticket and then we got our passes for the Backstage tour.

After that we all got a hat to wear, our hats had blue ribbons on them but some other hats had red ribbons.

The colour of your hat helps you to know which side of the arena you will sit on. They took a very nice photo for everyone when you arrive in case you would like to buy it.

Everyone wore their hats for the show and then you got to take your hat home and keep it which is really awesome and I like wearing my hat at home.

We did our Backstage tour before the show started and it was lots of fun because we got to go out the back where the stables are to see some of the animals that would be in the show and meet some of the cast. A nice man who is in the show took us for a walk around and told us about the performance and what he would be doing. We saw where the cast get changed and some of the cars and trucks that they drive and lots of animals from the show up close and it was nice to see where they looked after them. My favourite animals were the cows. The horses were very lovely too and they were really big. We weren't allowed to take any photos during the Backstage tour but I think it was a great thing to do so you can see how much work happens out the back.

After the back stage tour we had a nice look around Bazza's Bar area where you can buy a drink and there are lots of tables and chairs you can sit at before you go in.

There's also a giftshop which sells stockwhips, toy horses and some belts, shirts, soft toys, waterbottles, hats and some other things.

There are also some very nice toilets, that were very clean and had very nice bright lights.

There are lots of pictures on the walls too and information about the Outback Spectacular.

We went in December so there was also a very awesome Christmas tree and Santa was there too. I liked having my photo taken with him.

The Outback Spectacular performance is inside a very big building called the arena. It looks like a fancy shed but it is very nice inside and there are chairs and tables going all the way up the sides to the top and in the middle is the big open stage area.

A nice man pointed out where to find our seats and we had a very good view from our seats.

Once we sat down a lady come along and poured some drinks for us. I had some lemonade but you could have water or beer or wine as well, and after dinner you could have tea or coffee too. During the show people come and served us some lovely food and gave us some more drinks.

I had a Gluten free vegetable tart, then I had a very tender and delicious eye fillet steak with very lovely vegetables including pumpkin, which is my favourite. For dessert I had a very yummy gluten free chocolate cake. I think the food was great and delicious and my family really loved it too. Everyone was very full by the end of dinner.

Heartland was an awesome show! There were a lot of animals and people in it and it tells a story of a family that live on a farm and how their neighbours help them when they are having some problems. There were a lot of actors and they rode the horses and did some great stunts. They also sang and drove trucks, cars and utes. The cattle and dogs came in and ran around a lot and it was very exciting to watch. You are not allowed to take photos during the show.

There was a Christmas theme to the show we saw because it was December. There was even a helicopter in the show, which was a bit loud but I didn't mind it. If you don't like loud noises you could take some noise cancelling headphones for when the helicopter comes in.

There were a lot of lights inside the arena and during the show there were lots of coloured lights and special effects that were shining on the floor and walls. Sometimes it looked like it was raining and they had some water coming down on the stage area and the floor looked like it was a creek too with all the special effects and lights. I really loved all the music and songs.

The show goes for 1 hour and 45 minutes and I enjoyed all of it. After the show we took some more photos in Bazza's bar and looked around the gift shop before we drove back to our apartment.

It was a really fantastic experience and I would like to go and see it again one day.

Tips from my travelling companion -

Australian Outback Spectacular is aptly named as it is a most spectacular show!

The venue, food, staff, actors, and animals are truly first class and it is one of the most enjoyable dinner/theatre shows I have ever attended. It is fantastic value for money considering you not only get a thoroughly professional show to watch, with a very talented human and animal cast, but also a delicious three course meal, including drinks! There is even pre-show entertainment in Bazza's Bar area to amuse you while you wait to enter the arena. I have been several times and sat in different places in the arena and have always had a great view of the whole show as it is designed so well and the stage is so large. the theming and decor are so well done as you feel like you have been transported to the Australian outback! A very patriotic experience for sure!

The staff were very friendly and obliging to help us find our seat, and in serving our meal promptly and efficiently. When we booked we let them know of Flynn's dietary requirements and they checked in regarding this once we were seated and made sure he had his alternate items for the entree and dessert.

There is a pension rate for those who hold a valid Pensioner concession card, and for carers who visit the show with a Companion card holder. A child rate is available for children 3 -13 and at times there are deals where adults can purchase tickets at children's rates too. Details regarding tickets prices can be found on the website or by talking with the Call Centre team on 13 33 86

The show has many sound, lighting and special effects which add to the atmosphere, as well as a lot of animals entering and leaving the arena, and it is quite a busy performance. Flynn handled all of this well but if you think it may be overstimulating you may wish to use noise cancelling headphones or even wear dark sunglasses to reduce the sensory impact. Strobe lighting is used also which may be unsuitable for some people. As there are large numbers of livestock in the show some people with allergies or asthma may also be affected.

On the website under the Visitor Information tab there is information regarding accessibility which states they have a limited number of seats available for those in wheelchairs and you are advised to discuss this with the Call Centre team at the time of booking. There is also information for those who may have hearing difficulties about the Assistive Listening Service and individual hearing loops they have available and it is mentioned that Guide, Hearing and Service animals are welcome in the venue.

Overall we loved the show and would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the Gold Coast as a unique experience and a very enjoyable night out that you will never forget!

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