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Awesome immersive and accessible fun at ArtVo!

When I visited Melbourne I went to a really great place called ArtVo. It is an immersive gallery where you can see great paintings and pose and take really cool photos in front of the paintings on the walls where you look like you are part of them. It was lots of fun.

ArtVo is at The District, Docklands. We got an Uber there but you can catch a train, tram or bus and the information is on the ArtVo website.

The staff at ArtVo were friendly and they accept the Companion Card for those who need someone to go with them.

There are many zones or rooms to walk through with different themes and around 80 paintings to see. You can take as long as you want. We were there for about an hour.

They are open almost every day of the year from 10am to 6pm. You can check the hours on the

Inside each room there are these symbols on the floor that show you where you should stand to take the best photo for each painting. On the website there is a video that explains what to do so you can watch it before you go or the staff can help you when you get there. This was really helpful because it helps you understand what to do and was easy to follow.

I really enjoyed posing for the photos. The murals are optical illusions so it looks like you are doing some really cool things like surfing.

There are lots of them that make you look like you are inside things, like this one of a jar.

The Fantasy theme can be found in lots of the pictures. I like this one a lot where it looks like I am in space.

For some of the photos you stand up or sit down or like this one you can lay down on the floor.

This one is cool too because I really like watermelons.

In this one I look like I am part of a magic trick.

This painting of the gorilla looked very real and was great to see.

You can pose for the photos by yourself or with others.

I went with my sister, my mum and my aunty and we had fun taking the photos together.

There are plenty of spaces for groups to get in the same photo too and the staff members can help take the photo for you.

I liked seeing the photos other people had taken and I am going to print some of mine on canvas too so I can hang them in my room at home.

I really liked visiting ArtVo because I really loved the very beautiful pictures and it was a lot of fun. I have lots of great photos from my visit and I really love looking at them. It was a great place to visit and I would like to go there again one day.

At the desk they have a printer that can print some pictures for you if you post them on

Instagram and tag ArtVo during your visit, which is a great option.

Tips from my travelling companion -

ArtVo is on one level and is wheelchair accessible. The staff were very friendly and helpful. On their website it states they are happy to help all guests during their visit and they have a number to ring or you can email them if you need extra information before you visit.

The walkways are very wide and the rooms were very open so it didn't seem crowded, even though there were other people there, because you go at your own pace. You can choose to hang back if it does get crowded at any time. It was nice and quiet and the relaxed lighting was not too bright or over stimulating.

We would highly recommend ArtVo as an accessible, fun and inclusive place to visit for those of all abilities and ages.

As well as the ArtVo gallery we visited in Melbourne there is also one at the Gold Coast, in Robina.

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