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An awesome 'birdventure ' at Birdworld, Kuranda!

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

In July, 2022 I went to visit Birdworld in Kuranda with my Mum and my lovely sister. It is a great place to go if you want to see lots of birds.

When we got there a very nice lady talked to us. She was very friendly and nice to us. We showed her our Mega Wildcard that we have so we could get in for free. The Mega Wildcard lets you go to Birdworld, Hartley's Crocodile Adventures and the Kuranda Koala Gardens as many times as you like for 12 months.

She gave us a nice brochure that showed us all of the birds we could see there and their names so we could know what birds they were. She told me she hoped I would like seeing all the birds and she was glad I had come to visit. There are over 60 types of birds to see there.

Birdworld Kuranda is open 10am and to 4:00pm every day and it is in the Kuranda Heritage Markets, next to Kuranda Koala Gardens.

We drove our car there and it took about 35 minutes from Cairns.

You can also catch a bus to Kuranda on a tour or go up there on the Skyrail or on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

There were so many birds there and I really enjoyed watching the birds.

You can buy birdfood to feed them from the lady on the front desk.

At first I was a bit scared to let the bird eat from my hand but once I got used to it I liked it and It was fun to feed them. They really like eating their seeds and some corn and grapes.

Inside Birdworld it is like a big rainforest and the birds fly around everywhere and some of them even land on your head or your shoulders. One of my favourite brids was the Alexandrine Parrot because they have got pretty colours.

I also liked the Macaws and the Rainbow Lorikeets but the macaws were a bit big and scary so I didn’t want to feed them.

There are so many birds so it was a bit noisy but I got used to the sound and then it was okay.

The birds are very friendly and the lady told us they like to eat jewellery and sunglasses so we took them off.

There was also a very nice pond with a waterfall with a lot of ducks and swans in there.

There is also a big cassowary who was looking at us through the fence. He was very friendly and I liked taking photos of him. Cassowaries are very big birds, like emus and they can't fly.

I really liked looking at all the finches that were in a big caged area too.

I really enjoyed walking around and looking at all of the birds. They have some seats for people to sit on if you get tired and I enjoyed sitting down and having a rest.

There were a lot of people there when we went but it was still very good because there were a lot of birds to feed and the birds moved around from one person to the next very quickly.

We stayed at Birdworld for about an hour but you can stay as long as you want to.

I liked it so much and so did my sister and my mum so we are going to go back again very soon so we can feed the birds again.

There is also a very nice gift shop and you can buy some nice bird presents like statues of birds, stuffed toy birds, cups or mugs of birds and other things like that.

There are toilets you can use outside Birdworld in the market area. They are very nice and very clean and you can turn the light on as you walk into the door.

There are also a lot of very nice food places to eat at in the market area or in the main street in Kuranda where you can buy hot food or ice-creams or sorbets. We had some hot chips from the 'Wattabout Fish and Chips' takeaway shop and they were very yummy.

I went to Birdworld again and here are some more of my favourite photos

Tips from my travelling companion -

Birdworld Kuranda was a fantastic place to visit. There were so many birds free to fly around in a lovely rainforest enclosure. We really enjoyed watching and feeding them and both Flynn and his sister had a lot of fun interacting with them. At first, due to the noise and being unsure, Flynn was a little reluctant to feed them but after watching others having so much fun he had a go and really enjoyed it! The staff were very friendly and welcoming and were helpful and encouraging to all. We will certainly visit again soon and highly recommend it to others.

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Adelaide Dupont
Adelaide Dupont
28 de jul. de 2022

Thank you Flynn and travelling companion for introducing us to Birdworld Kuranda.

What a variety of birds!

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