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Sea World Resort - Gold Coast, the dolphriendliest place for all!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

In December, 2022 I stayed at Sea World Resort at the Gold Coast with my family for two nights.

Check in was at 3pm and the process fast and easy. Our room wasn't ready so we had a walk around the resort and then they gave us a voucher to get a drink each and we sat at a table to wait. There were lots of tables and stools and chairs to choose from. We could have gone into Sea World theme park too or sat by the pool if we wanted to.

We stayed in two adjoining superior family rooms in the Park Wing and it was easy to find them because there were lots of signs around. We had to go down to the ground level and there were stairs or a lift. We used the lift most of the time.

They were very comfortable and lovely rooms with two queen beds and a bathroom in each room.

The bathrooms were big and very nice and clean. There was a basin, toilet and shower over the bath. They smelled nice too.

There was plenty of space for the five of us and we were lucky to be on the ground floor so we had lots of room outside to sit on our balcony or on the grass.

The view was amazing and we could see right across the Broadwater. There were some lovely boats to see and it was a great place to watch the sunset and see lots of pretty lights at night.

There was a big cupboard in the room to hang your clothes, and a safe and an iron and ironing board. There was a small fridge too and a kettle and tea and coffee if you wanted to make it.

I liked the couch in the room and sat on it a lot.

It was a great place to relax and look at the view and use my phone. The free Wifi was very good at the resort.

There were lots of restaurants and cafes and bars inside and outside and we had a buffet dinner and two buffet breakfasts at The Shoreline Restaurant.

The food was so yummy and delicious and the staff were very friendly and nice.

You could choose from lots of awesome food.

For dinner I loved the steak and the pork and at breakfast I loved the bacon and omelettes.

The Shoreline restaurant is very big and there were a lot of people eating there so it was busy and noisy. If you don't like it to be so busy you might like to go to breakfast early when they first open or a bit later, the staff might be able to tell you what time would be less busy. There are also other restaurants that are smaller and not as busy or you can order room service if you don't like going to crowded restaurants.

There is an awesome pool and water splash zone at Sea World Resort.

There were lots of other people staying when we were there but the pool was so big that there was enough room and lots of sun lounges so we still found a place to sit and relax by the pool. We went swimming a lot. They even had a lifeguard at the pool making sure everyone was safe.

There were handrails to use to get in and out of the pool which was good and helped me to balance.

I loved going in the splash zone and my sister loved going down all the slides and under the big water tipping bucket.

At night they had a sound and light show in the water park and lots of little kids were having a lot of fun there. There was music playing which I liked. The music wasn't too loud because it was outdoors.

There were lots of lovely lights on the trees around the resort.

When you stay at Sea World Resort you can go into any Village Roadshow theme park for free.

We got a pass for the whole time we stayed and it was very easy to get into Sea World.

We just walked through the Giftshop and then followed the signs and walked down the ramps to get in.

It was great to be able to walk in and look around and then go back to our room when we needed a break. There is a monorail track linking the resort to Sea World theme park but it is not working at the moment.

There is also a Dolphin Experience you can do some mornings if you are staying there. It starts at 9am and you go and listen to the staff talk about how they take care of the dolphins at Sea World. You get to watch the dolphins swimming around with their trainers feeding them some fish from a boat.

If you pay $50 and book in you can have your own dolphin experience where you get to pat a dolphin and have your photo taken. You have to book in early if you want to do that because they only have 10 people maximum each day.

It was a great experience because the group was small and we went to a lagoon that was around the side and away from the crowds. The staff were very friendly and patient and told us what to do. There was a ramp to hold onto to go down near the water and if you need help they can walk into the water with you.

They said not to step on the dolphins fins and don't touch their heads.

There were two dolphins and they were so cute and they felt soft, smooth and wet. They were very happy dolphins and smiled and lifted up their tails. My sister patted one of the dolphins too and she loved it as well.

We got some lovely photos taken and I really like them.

The staff at Sea World resort were very friendly and helpful to us. We went to the reception desk a few times to ask questions and they were very nice. The restaurant staff were very nice too.

I really enjoyed staying there and would love to go back again to stay sometime because it is a very nice place to stay.

Tips from my travelling companion-

Staying at Sea World Resort was a fantastic experience for our whole family! From check in til departure we were thoroughly impressed by the facilities, staff and the amazing views.

Our rooms were spacious, clean and comfortable. We really enjoyed the ground floor patio and extra space we had outside our rooms to relax and take in the views. We were close enough to the pool, but just far away enough to have our own privacy too. The pool area was lovely, and the splash zone is an amazing bonus for kids.

There were plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars onsite to choose from and there are eateries in the Theme Park next door too. It was great to have a fridge in each room too for drinks and snacks. We also got ice from the main bar when we needed it.

The buffet dinner and breakfast at The Shoreline restaurant was incredible. A huge choice of fresh produce and delicious meals on offer meant that no one went hungry! There were plenty of gluten free options for Flynn as well.

Staying alongside Sea World theme park was a real treat. We have visited the theme park for many years and it was a great experience to stay so close and be able to divide our time between the resort and the park. Entry was quick and simple and fully accessible with the ramps linking the two areas. We were invited guests on this occasion, but having looked at the prices to stay at the resort it is incredibly good value, considering the inclusion of entry into the Village Rosdshow Theme parks for the duration of your stay. It was advantageous to be able to access the park so early and stay later too so as to avoid crowds.

The staff were courteous and patient with Flynn in all their interactions and very welcoming and inclusive.

The slogan I saw many times around the resort was 'Where families can be' and I think this fits perfectly with the welcoming attitude we experienced at Sea World Resort, accepting of all and supporting families and individuals of various needs and abilities. A place where everyone can be at ease.

We highly recommend this beautiful resort to anyone visiting the Gold Coast.

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