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Sky high views from SkyPoint Observation Deck

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In December 2021 my whole family went up to SkyPoint Observation Deck to see the amazing views of the Gold Coast. SkyPoint Observation Deck is on the top level of the Q1 building in Surfer's Paradise.

Q1 building

You can find it at the corner of Surfer's Paradise Boulevard and Hamilton Avenue. There is a Gold Coast tram stop just outside Q1 or you can drive there and there is free undercover parking for visitors off Hamilton Avenue, including disability accessible parking. We drove our hire car there and parked in the car park and it was very easy to find it. We then got in the lift up to the street level and found the SkyPoint main desk at the retail store where you buy the tickets. You can also get your tickets online. We had our annual Dreamworld passes so we didn't have to pay because they include free entry to the SkyPoint Observation Deck. If you don't have a Dreamworld annual pass you can buy a one day ticket or a three day ticket or a 'Deck and dine' ticket which gives you a food voucher included. They also accept Companion cards so that someone can go up for free with a person with a disability to help them. There is information on their official website to help you find out which ticket is good for you.

SkyPoint logo

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is 230m above the ground and the lift that takes you up to the 77th floor is very good because it goes very fast! On the SkyPoint Observation Deck website it says it is one of the World's fastest lifts and it only takes 42.7 seconds to go from the ground level up to Level 77. My ears popped going up. On the ceiling of the lift there is a video of the lift shaft and it shows how fast you go up and shows you the numbers of the floors going up very fast.

Photo inside the lift

It is a big lift too and can take up to 26 people. When we went up there was just my family in the lift and we didn't have to wait at all for our turn. I liked it because when we went up there was a recording of a lady telling you about the lift and what you would see and what you could do once you got up to the top at the observation deck.

Flynn standing in front of the SkyPoint sign

The views from the SkyPoint Observation Deck are awesome! You can see every direction because you can walk the whole way around the level and there are windows the whole way.

I liked it because I could see all of my favourite apartments from very high up. I especially liked seeing Soul, Jewel, the Hilton, Peninsula, the Peppers Oracle towers in Broadbeach and the new Meriton that is being built at Surfer's Paradise and The Star hotel and Casino buildings.

View looking south

View looking north

I could also see lots of swimming pools and the beautiful beach and the canals and the houses. I like how you can see all the way down the coast to Coolangatta in the distance. It is the very best view of the Gold Coast and I love to take photos up there. It is great to take binoculars up there too because then you can look at everything up close.

View looking west towards the Hinterland

Flynn enjoying the view

There is a lovely restaurant up there on Level 77 called the SkyPoint Bistro & Bar.

I got to eat some yummy food there on the 77th floor which was very high up. I ate a gluten Free Chocolate brownie and it was delicious.

Flynn and his yummy chocolate brownie

My sister and brother also had some morning tea up there too. They sell other meals and pizzas and snacks and nice drinks too. It was very nice because there are a lot of tables and chairs and couches you can sit at to have your meal, or just to enjoy the view. You can also go up there and have a yummy buffet breakfast. The details are on the SkyPoint website.

There are some very nice bathrooms on Level 77 and they are very clean and have good lights and they smell nice. I always like to use them.

You can stay up on Level 77 as long as you want to. Some days it closes at 6.30pm and some days it stays open until 8pm. A few years ago we went up at night and the views were very nice at night time too because all the buildings had their lights on and it was very pretty.

Some people do the SkyPoint Climb around the outside of the building. One day I think I would like to do this. You have to wear a safety harness and there is a handrail to hold onto and you have to walk up a lot of stairs. It looks like it would be a fun adventure.

I also like the SkyPoint retail store and you get to walk through it once you come back down to the ground. They have hats, mugs, bags, cards, shirts, fridge magnets and keyrings to buy as souvenirs.

Outside the SkyPoint entrance and retail store

Tips from my travelling companions -

The SkyPoint Observation Deck is a great attraction to see at the Gold Coast. The views are incredible from Level 77 and it is certainly worth a trip up to take in the sights. The 360 degree observation deck has full length windows the whole way around meaning you can see every direction. We have visited on several occasions and have enjoyed the views in rain, hail and shine and it is great to watch a big storm roll in from the top as well. The lights of the Gold Coast are amazing to see at night too.

Flynn loves lifts so it has always been a highlight of our trip to head up to the SkyPoint Observation Deck but if you are scared of lifts there are many videos online that you can watch of the lift ride up to the top to help prepare for the journey. If you are worried about your ears popping it might be good to have a lolly or chewing gum on hand to help. The Observation Deck s very high at 230 m above street level so if you don't like heights it may be a daunting experience but there are plenty of chairs and lounges to sit on away from the windows so that might help.

It is certainly a lovely place to take photos and to relax and enjoy a drink/snack or meal. The food has always been very good when we have visited, as is the service at the SkyPoint Bistro & Bar. Luckily we have always managed to get a table or couch to sit on, even when it was quite busy up there.

On the SkyPoint Observation Deck website it states the SkyPoint Observation Deck is wheelchair accessible and there are many ramps to use to navigate around.

I would strongly recommend you add this to your list of things to do at the Gold Coast.

By Flynn's mum, Jenni

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Karen Hayman
Karen Hayman
Feb 28, 2022

I love this travel blog Flynn and you have included so many great photos. Your description of each place is so informative and really highlights the special and best parts of each destination. I did not know you could take your dog on holiday but now I do , Plugger sure looked like he had a fantastic family holiday . I can’t wait to see where you go next .

Replying to

Thank you Karen, I really like going away on holidays and I am glad you like reading my blog.


After the lovely photos and travel log I feel like I should pack my bags, and go on vacat

Replying to

I really love going on holidays. Maybe I will come to see you in America soon.


What amazing views!

Replying to

It was very high and very nice up on Level 77

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