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Skyview from The Reef Eye

in July 2022 I went up on the Reef Eye Ferris Wheel in Cairns at night time. It was great fun and I really loved the view of Cairns from way up high at night time because of all the very awesome lights.

The Reef Eye is located at The Cairns Esplanade near the Lagoon and opposite the Crystalbrook Flynn hotel.

When we got there we went straight to the ticket booth and there wasn't a line so we didn't have to wait. A nice lady sold the ticket to us and she was very friendly. I asked her for my ticket and paid with my credit card. My ticket was $10 and Mum got to go for free because they accept the Companion card. The lady told me where to line up to get on and there were a few people in the line so we waited for about 10 minutes. While we waited I could see the gondolas going past and the people inside having a nice time.

When it was our turn to get on the Reef Eye the man at the gate took my ticket and showed us which gondola to get on. He said he hoped I would have a nice time. I went with my Mum so there were only two of us in our gondola but you can fit up to 6 people in the gondola.

It was great to go on the Reef Eye at night because of the coloured LED lightshow. All the lights kept changing colour and they were very pretty. It was nice to see the buildings on the Esplanade with all of their lights on too and the lovely sunset sky when we first got on.

It was very clean inside the gondola and it was nice and warm because outside it was cold and windy.

The reflection of the Reef Eye looked good on the windows of the buildings nearby.

A few years ago when the Reef Eye was here in Cairns my whole family went on it for my birthday. That time we went in the day time and there was plenty of room for all 5 of us in one gondola. I really liked going on it in the day time too because you can see a very nice view of the ocean and the lagoon and all the buildings and hotels on The Esplanade as well as The Pier shopping Centre and some of the boats at The Marina.

I felt very happy on the Reef Eye because it was very smooth and calm and it was not very bumpy or fast. It goes very high up in the air, and it is 35 Metres tall but it was not scary at all. It sometimes stops to let other people on and off and then it starts again and goes around and around. We were on there for about 15 minutes.

I think lots of other people would like it because it is fun and I would like to go on it again another time. It is open every day from 10am until 10pm.

The Reef Eye is in Cairns for the rest of this year and you can find out more information on the Reef Eye website or by looking at their Facebook and Instagram pages. If you want to you can book your tickets online.

Tips from my travelling companion -

Going on the Reef Eye is a great experience. The staff were very friendly, helpful and patient with Flynn. The wait time was minimal and the cost is very reasonable when compared with rides at the Cairns Show. The ride was enjoyable and a great way to see the beautiful sights of Cairns from an elevated viewpoint. During the daytime you get a beautiful view of the ocean and mountains, and at night a lovely lightshow and view of the Esplanade buildings and the Cairns Lagoon lit up.

The ride was smooth, not too fast and is suited well to all ages.

Many thanks to Life Sumo, Triple M, Cairns and the other sponsors and promotors of Reef Eye for bringing it back to Cairns as it is a welcome addition to our lovely Esplanade precinct for both tourists and locals alike.

We would highly recommend taking a spin on the Reef Eye whilst it is in Cairns, especially if you didn't go on it the last time it was here. There is even an upcoming dinner event on the Reef Eye on July 25th in combination with C'Est Bon French restaurant, where you can have a delicious meal on board the gondolas, details are on the website.

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