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Luxury stay at Crystalbrook Flynn in Cairns!

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I love going on holidays and staying in apartments and hotels with my family. In September, 2021 we went to stay at the Crystalbrook Flynn hotel in Cairns, Qld. It is a very beautiful new luxury hotel that opened in November, 2020. I really like it because it has the same name as mine.

Flynn standing next to the Flynn main entrance sign

We stayed for 2 nights in 2 different rooms. I stayed in an Urban room on the 8th floor with my brother. My mum and dad and my sister stayed in a different room on the 8th floor. When we checked in Aaron at reception was very nice and took a long time to explain everything to me. He said it was good to have someone named Flynn come to stay. He told me my room was on the 8th floor and told mum where she could park the car. We got our room key which was made of recycled wood and I had two of them for our room. I liked it because Aaron was so friendly and told me to come back and see him if I needed any help.

Flynn next to the Hello Sunshine sign

When we got up to our room I was very happy because It was a very nice room with an awesome view of the Cairns lagoon and the Esplanade.

Interior of Urban room

Welcome screen on TV

The bathroom was very good and it had nice lights and lots of space. The shower was nice and the special bath products were very nice. It was very clean in the bathroom and I liked it a lot. The beds were very comfortable and I slept well. There was a fridge and a safe in the room and a table and chairs. There were charging stations for my phone and nice lights that were not too bright and didn't hurt your eyes. I liked the water in cartons instead of bottles. I really liked sitting outside on the balcony and enjoying the very lovely view of the Cairns Lagoon and the ocean and mountains.

View from our room

There were IPads in the room and you could use them to order extra pillows or slippers or things you needed. They were good to use and it made it easy to get things because you didn't have to ring up and ask, you could just order on the IPad and things got delivered to your room.

App screen for in room ordering

We watched some movies on the big TV, which was on the wall and and there were lots to choose from. It was very quiet on our level and we didn't get disturbed by any noises even though we were really close to the lift. The lifts were very nice and they had hand sanitiser in them. They were fast and you didn't have to wait long for one to arrive when you pressed the button.

The rooms had very nice robes that you could wear and they said Flynn on them and very nice slippers to wear that said Flynn.

Flynn wearing the Flynn robe

The curtains were good too and in the morning I could still sleep in because they blocked out the sun.

The pools were very awesome to swim in and had glass sides and even some parts of the floor were glass. It was fun looking through when you were swimming.

Swimming pool on Level 2

Street view of Level 2 swimming pool

Swimming in glass sided pool on Level 1

I liked the cabanas by the pool on Level 2. They had nice couches and curtains around them and there were lots of them. There were also a lot of sun lounges to sit on and beanbags by the pool. You could sit in the sun or in the shade as they had a lot of areas covered by the roof.

We had the breakfast each morning at Flynn's Italian restaurant and the food was very good. There was a buffet of pastries and fruit and yoghurt and you could choose which breakfast you wanted off the menu. I had the Flynn's Italian breakfast which was very delicious.

Breakfast menu

They also had nice juices and coffees and teas and also milkshakes. We also ate some snacks and meals and had drinks at the bar and by the pool and they were very good. I had grilled fish and chips and it was cooked very well and tasted beautiful.

All the staff that worked at the Crystalbrook Flynn were friendly and said hello and asked if we needed any help when we saw them.

Flynn standing next to Flynn sign at Boardwalk Social

My mum and dad had a massage at the Eleme Spa and they said it was very wonderful and the ladies who worked there were very nice and they felt very relaxed after their massage.

The Crystalbrook Flynn hotel is very close to the Cairns Lagoon and there are lots of restaurants there, including Flynn's Italian and Boardwalk Social. There are a lot of other restaurants and shops nearby that you can walk to. There is a Coffee Club, McDonald's and Baskin and Robbins and a NIghtOwl very close by. It is also near the Cairns Art Gallery and not far from the Cairns Aquarium. It is very nice to go for a walk along The Esplanade in the morning or afternoon too.

Cairns Lagoon

If you are a local Cairns resident you can get very good deals and you can get a discount off your room and also your food and drinks. I really liked staying at the Crystalbrook Flynn and I think most people would like it a lot too. It is a very lovely luxury hotel and a great place to stay and I think it was good because the staff were nice and didn't mind helping me when I needed help and they were very friendly.

Tips from my travelling companions -

Staying at the Crystalbrook Flynn hotel was an absolute delight! As one of newest hotels In Cairns we were very interested to see how it measured up and we were certainly impressed!

From the check in right throughout our entire stay the staff were extremely professional and attentive and the modern and upmarket buildings and facilities were exceptional. It also sits in a perfect position to explore our beautiful city. The staff were wonderful in helping Flynn upon check in and throughout our stay were friendly, courteous and respectful to him at all times. It was so lovely to have staff we hadn't met come up to us in the restaurant or by the pool and introduce themselves and tell Flynn they had heard he was staying and that he was a very important guest because of his name!

Having the IPads in the room was a great tool for Flynn. Due to his communication challenges it was a great aid for him to use to order extra pillows and other things he needed without having to ring reception. The whole family loved the swimming pools with their glass sides and bottoms and the food at the restaurants/bars was delicious. My husband and I enjoyed an extremely relaxing massage at the Eleme Spa, where the staff were both friendly and professional in their job.

We have no hesitation in recommending this luxury hotel to anyone and hope to go back and enjoy another stay with them soon.

By Flynn's mum, Jenni

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It is amazing at Crystalbrook Flynn hotel!

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