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Topgolf Gold Coast - an accessible and fun experience for all!

In December, 2022 I went to Topgolf Gold Coast with my family and some of my other wonderful friends. It is a really cool place to go to play golf and we had a great time hitting the micro-chipped golf balls. You have to try and get them in the targets on the ground and score points and it's lots of fun.

It is easy to find because it is right near Movie World Theme Park and Australian Outback Spectacular. There is a big car park with heaps of spaces to park. We walked up the big stairs to go in the entrance but they have a lift from the Carpark level if you need to use it.

The first thing you need is a Membership card, which is $5 or if you have one already you show them. Then you pay and they organise a bay for you to play in. You can have up to 6 people play in each bay. This time there were 9 of us we hired 2 bays to use.

The cost of each bay at Topgolf ranges from $50 to $90 for an hour depending on which day of the week you go and what time of the day.

There are different levels you can play on and there are stairs to use or a lift. If your bay is ready you can go straight to it and start playing or there is a bar area you can sit at while you wait for your bay to be ready.

The bays are nice and big and some have lounges to sit at or others have tables and stools. While you play you can order drinks and food to have and the 'Bay Hosts' will take your order and bring it to you when it's ready.

There are lots of different sized golf clubs to choose from and if you're not sure which one to use you can ask one of the friendly staff and they will help you choose. They have left-handed clubs and junior clubs for kids to use too.

When it's your turn you step over the line into the golf area and onto the mat where you stand to hit the ball.

There is a control panel that the balls come out of.

There are instructions on the panel about how to hit the ball and it shows a map of where the targets are.

I set it up on the tee and because I am not used to playing golf I found it a bit tricky to hit the ball so my dad asked if he could come out to help me and show me how. Usually only the person who is having a turn is allowed out there and everyone else has to stay behind the line but the staff said it was ok if Dad helped me.

After a few turns I got used to hitting the ball and didn't need Dad's help anymore.

On the big grassed area in front there are 11 targets that you try to hit your golf ball into. You get points if you get the ball in and there are more points given for the targets that are further away.

I really liked playing Topgolf and it was fun to watch where the ball ended up when I hit it. My brother and sister and our friends really liked it too.

There is a screen that shows everyone's scores.

They also have nice cold water there for people to drink for free.

There were very lovely toilets there and they have a lift to use if you can't walk up and down the stairs.

They had some things to buy if you want a souvenir of your visit to Topgolf Gold Coast. There were shirts, hats, drink bottles and some other golfing clothes.

Before we went I liked checking out the Topgolf Gold Coast website and looking at the photos on the gallery. I really liked the 360 degree Tour of Topgolf on the parties and events tab. It was a cool way to look around the building and see what it was like.

At night they light up the targets so it's easier to see, which I think would be fun so next time I visit the Gold Coast I would love to go and play at night and have dinner there.

Tips from my travelling companion -

Topgolf Gold Coast was a really enjoyable experience for the whole family. The staff were very friendly and the facilities were great. We didn't have to wait long at all to play and due to the building being so open and spacious it didn't feel crowded. Everyone in our group of 9, including Flynn, loved it and even though we all had vastly different golfing experience and abilities we were all able to have fun!

The staff were very supportive and accommodating to allow Flynn's dad to help him to hold the club and give him some pointers on how to hit the ball at first so that he was able to fully participate.

The table service was fast and efficient and an easy and accessible way to order and receive food and drinks.

On the Accessibility Guide on their website it mentions that furniture can be moved and half mats used so those in wheelchairs or walkers can play and as Flynn mentioned above there is a lift from the carpark level to all levels that can be accessed if needed.

They have braille signage in the lift and hearing loops are available for presentations in some of the lounge areas for those who are hearing impaired.

Overall Topgolf Gold Coast was well and truly a great place to visit and we look forward to going there again.

By Flynn's mum, Jenni

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We might have to try it one day when we are on holidays down that way


That sounds like a fun place and a good way to learn how to play golf.

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