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Fun, food, friendly snakes and more at the Cairns Ecofiesta, 2022!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

It was very nice there. They had lots of stalls about eco friendly products and groups that help the environment and look after animals. It is a free to go there and there is a lot of free car parking nearby.

Some of the stalls were on the road between Munro Martin Parklands and the Cairns Performing Arts Centre and they even had some electric cars there to look at.

There were also a lot of important stalls inside Munro Martin Parklands

I really enjoyed hearing the music and there were a lot of food vans there.

I had a home made ice-cream from the Kuranda Ice-cream stall and a donut from OMG Donuts. They were both very delicious.

I visited the Skyrail tent and I got a very nice keyring and a picture to colour in and the Koala Gardens tent and the ladies were very nice. I even got to hold a black headed python, which was very awesome. It felt soft and smooth and it was very calm.

There were people there talking about the work they do looking after the turtles and bats in Cairns and how they help them.

You can do some workshops there and find out information about things that you can do at home to help the environment and be more sustainable.

They had areas for kids to play and do mini-golf or circus tricks which looked like lots of fun.

There are very nice toilets to use at the Parklands if you need them.

There is also a lot of seating and grass areas and shade to sit down and rest. There was also some beanbags under a big tent to sit on.

There is an information tent just near the gates where you enter and the people there are very helpful. It was very good that they had maps to show where the stalls are located and they helped us find the stalls that we were looking for.

A very nice man named Dan from the Cairns City Council also helped us find information on the Facebook page.

The Eco Fiesta only happens once a year and it is open til 6pm today if you want to go and visit. I think you would really like it a lot.

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That does sound like a good day out, full of interesting things to do and to see.

En réponse à

It was a lot of fun there. Thank you for your comment. From Flynn

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